Mulch Delivery

Haul Yeah upholds a team of experts who deliver and install mulch at your doorstep. We endow a straightforward process; you do not have to panic about hauling big mulch bags to your house and getting filthy and grimy all day. You can use our mulch calculator to determine the amount of mulch needed. Let our professional personnel deliver it to your property and install it for you so you can stay back and relax.

The Service

As a trusted name in the industry, Haul Yeah LLC offers high-quality and reliable delivery services. Our expertise ensures that you can trust the quality of our service in areas around Muirfield Village, Tarton, and Central Ohio. We follow a simple model: We collect garden and landscape byproducts to recycle and transform them into valuable enhancements.


Successfully operating in Dublin, Ohio, Haul Yeah LLC is a fully equipped company that maintains an eco-friendly environment. We cater to all your gardening needs, from hardy trees and shrubs to six acres of annuals and perennials. Haul Yeah offers the best mulch delivery and installation services. Our services are not limited to the size of the area, and we provide what you are looking for. If you want to install mulch in your house, pick up your phone and call us. We will take care of everything, from collecting it from the store, hauling it in your car, and driving it home to unload.

Advantages of Mulch Installation

Mulch, an organic layer of material above the soil, is a cost-effective way to enhance your landscaping. With a variety of colors and types available, mulch can transform your garden’s health and the appearance of flower beds, plants, trees, and yards, allowing you to unleash your creativity in outdoor decoration.


Adding mulch to your home and business landscapes is one of our most popular services, including delivery and installation. Mulch is excellent for:

Mulch Installation Process

  1. It is important to know the amount of mulch needed to lay over the soil. In general, one cubic yard is needed for every 108 sq. ft. Furthermore, you can also use our handy calculator to determine the exact needs.

  2. Haul Yeah and its team managed to clear all the debris from the area where the mulch has to be laid, one they have scrutinized how much of it is needed. Subsequently, we don’t throw the debris into the trash we use it later to cover the empty garden areas.

  3. Pulling weeds is one of the most favorite steps for everyone to follow from the area where the mulch is to be added. This can be done by the customer itself or the landscaping experts will assist you to do so.

  4. A power edger is used to clearly define the garden boundaries and clean the area before adding mulch.

  5. At this step our experts sort out the organic substance in the debris from gathering and blend it into your garden, which returns beneficial nutrients to the soil before it decays.

  6. Mulch helps safeguard the added fertilizers to the soil if they are directly exposed to rain and wind.

  7. The mulch is evenly laid over your garden. Haul Yeah guarantees a 3-inch spread where it retains moisture and heat.

Types of Landscaping Mulch

We carry a wide range of high-quality bulk products for all your mulch delivery and installation needs. If you’re unsure of what type of mulch to choose for your yard, a knowledgeable member of our team can discuss the characteristics of each and point you in the right direction. We offer:

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